From Ukraine to Kei Island


Basic info – Kei islands
Kei islands consist of 3 main islands. Kei Kecil is the most interesting island with airport and the best beach – Pasir Panjang. Kei Kecil is connected by bridge with Kei Dullah – the smallest of 3 and entering point for trip to Bair (small Raja Ampat) and some nice snorkelling. The capital Tual – Langgur is spread around the bridge between Kei Kecil and Kei Dullah.
The last island is called Kei Besar. It is separated from other two by 2 hour long boat trip and rarely visited. There are only stone beaches on Besar, but the reason why people visit the island is waterfalls.

How to get there
There are 2 ways how to travel to Kei islands. First is by Pelni boat – it is slow, cheap and dirty. Second is quite expensive for backpacker, but its easy and convenient – by air.

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